What defines us

Producition of brass gas supplying valves for household appliances; assembling entirely done in our Pisogne's 10000 sq. m. plant, since 2003.

Targeted investments in machinery and technologies have raised the product's diversification, and have brought the expansion of the company's business market.

Company organization, completely automated assembly line, and affidability of business's process, for a top quality level to the finished product.

Our history

MP Gas Controls S.p.a. has been established in 1979 and begins its business producing brass gas supplying valves for household appliances, thanks to the wide know-how and experience in the machining of the brass belonging to Bonomi family, who is still managing MP nowadays.
As a matter of fact the name of Bortolo Bonomi is well known right back to 1937 for the machining of this material. Over the last years MP has been carrying out a constant growing work, increasing its own production capability, investing in machineries and technologies, introducing the machining of new materials, for ex. aluminium: in such a way MP has being diversifying its own products range while expanding its markets.  

Production unit

Since 2003 MP has been producing in Pisogne, in the modern plant which has an extension of 10.000 sqm.
In the machining departments, working isles are located, which are connected to an internal network that makes it possible to constantly monitor them and all the quality parameters.
Such isles are composed of transfer machines and CNC, all equipped with robots of the latest generation.
The assembling is entirely automatized and carried out by CNC equipment which assures the utmost reliability of processes and, consequently, of the finished products.
Thanks to the constant investments in machineries and equipment and to the industrial management of the activities, an high quality and an high level technological production are guaranteed.