Article 400



Push button on/off valve with connections on the same axis


• EC Approval according to 2009/142/EC Directive for gas appliances. Certificate: CE-0085AP0329 (low pressure model). Certificate: CE-0085AS0421 (high pressure model).

• Max. working temperature: 150°C (low pressure model). 80°C (high pressure model – mod. A). 100°C (high pressure model – mod. B).

• Max. working pressure: 250 mbar (low pressure model). 2,1 bar (high pressure model – mod. A). 4 bar (high pressure model – mod. B).

• Functioning: ON/OFF.

• Inlet connection: threaded.

• Outlet connection: available threaded, with and without seat for tubing, with and without assembled injector.

• Operating push button: Ø 8.

• Standard values for the current of the magnet unit: on £ 200 mA – off ³ 40 mA. Also other values of current are available upon request.